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Latest News from GSM.....

GSM continues to invest in our manufacturing processes and employees to ensure that we offer you a first class label, nameplate and fascia service.

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Warning Labels

For over 4 decades GSM Graphic Arts have manufactured warning labels. ...

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Increased Digital Printing Capacity

Increased demand has prompted further technical advances and investment within GSM Graphic Arts. ...

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Brass Nameplate

After over 40 years of manufacturing, GSM Graphic Arts continues to supply customers with top of ...

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Engineering Design Show 2017

We are pleased to announce that once again GSM will be exhibiting on Stand D100 at the Engineering ...

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Barcode Labels

Barcode labels have increased in popularity over the decades and are now used in all markets for ...

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Industrial Labels

As a manufacturer of industrial labels for over 40 years, GSM Graphic Arts can offer a vast range ...

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Digital vs Screen Printed Labels

Many times we get asked which method is the most versatile, most efficient and overall best to use ...

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Embossed Label

Make your product stand out from the crowd by labelling it with an embossed label. ...

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GSM's Growth Prompts New Plant

Increased demand for anodised aluminium labels, nameplates and fascias has prompted GSM Graphic ...

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Etched Labels

GSM have decades of experience etching stainless steel with the option of etching either 304 or 316 ...

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GSM Online Label Sales

GSM launches a new website, GSM Online Label Sales, offering a new and convenient way of buying ...

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GSM does Comic Relief

Always looking for an excuse to dress up and eat cake, GSM held a cake stall and everyone dressed ...

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Customised Fascia Labels

Fascia labels create consumers first impressions of your brand, product and company as a whole, ...

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Equipment Nameplates

Equipment nameplates and labels are an essential informative badge used on almost every product. ...

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Hard Wearing Graphic Overlays

Choosing a plastic graphic overlay material may be difficult and you may think that a more ...

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Southern Manufacturing 2017

GSM Graphic Arts will be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017 and we're ...

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Bubble Badges

Domed emblems or bubble badges are 3D domes that can really set your product apart from the rest. ...

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Merry Christmas from GSM

GSM Graphic Arts aluminium coasters were sent out at the beginning of this month which means only ...

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Warning Labels and Signs

GSM Graphic Arts offers a range of bespoke warning labels and signs tailored to your requirements ...

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Multi-coloured stainless steel nameplates.

GSM offers multi-coloured etched and filled stainless steel nameplates to further enhance our range ...

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Charity Fun Days

This week Caroline, a member of GSM's screen printing team, was challenged to wear her ...

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Engineering Design Show 2016

Following on from last year's successful attendance at the Engineering Design Show we're ...

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Northern Manufacturing 2016

Come and meet us on Stand G1 at this years Northern Manufacturing & Electronics trade show to be ...

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GSM gains Aerospace approval.

GSM is proud to announce that we have gained Aerospace Approval as an approved UTC Aerospace ...

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Could you be our new Customer Account Manager?

Due to our recent success in generating new business GSM Graphic Arts is currently looking to ...

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Product Label manufacturer for over four decades

Printed product labels can be adapted to suit a range of purposes and be used in a variety of ...

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Anodised Aluminium Control Panels

At GSM we offer a one stop solution for the design and manufacture of all your anodised aluminium ...

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Digitally printed anodised aluminium labels

Digitally printing anodised aluminium labels is a unique process which enables multi-coloured ...

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Operation Wallacea

GSM Graphic Arts employee, Luke Young, will be beginning his incredible adventure to Honduras on ...

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Durable Plastic Labels

GSM Graphic Arts has manufactured plastic labels for over four decades ensuring that they can be ...

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Yarn Bombers of Thirsk

The Tour de Yorkshire has caused quite a stir throughout the county and Thirsk has been in the ...

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Scripted Domed Badges

As part of our comprehensive range of 3D logo badge options GSM offers Scripted Domed Badges. A ...

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Creative finishes from GSM!

GSM Graphic Arts offers creative finishes to enhance your graphic overlays and control panels. ...

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It was great to meet you!

GSM Graphic Arts has attended the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition for several ...

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Industrial Labels & Nameplates

GSM Graphic Arts has specialised in the design and production of industrial labels and nameplates ...

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CLP Regulations

CLP is a regulatory framework for the classification and labelling of substances and mixtures in ...

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Southern Manufacturing 2016

Following the success of previous year’s shows GSM Graphic Arts will be exhibiting at Southern ...

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Merry Christmas!

With the decorations up, GSM is celebrating Christmas early by wearing our Christmas jumpers each ...

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2016 Calendar Coaster

GSM is proud to launch the new 2016 aluminium calendar coaster, produced using our high resolution ...

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A busy month in October

GSM has had a busy October exhibiting at two trade shows, Northern Manufacturing in Manchester and ...

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UL Authorised Label Supplier Program Participant

Over 4 years ago, GSM Graphic Arts gained UL Approval to PGAA standards in order to help an ...

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Graphic Control Panels

For many years GSM Graphic Arts have been supplying leading Audio, Visual and Lighting companies ...

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Engineering Design Show 2015

GSM Graphic Arts will be exhibiting on stand D100 at the Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh ...

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GSM Valtech

In 1979 GSM purchased Valtech Industries and moved all their plant equipment to our Thirsk site ...

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Northern Manufacturing 2015

After a successful show last year, GSM Graphic Arts will be exhibiting on stand F26 at Northern ...

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Control Panel Overlays

For many years GSM Graphic Arts have been supplying leading Audio, Visual and Lighting companies ...

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Warning Labels

With more legislations and procedures to follow regarding health and safety than ever before it is ...

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Charity Fundraiser

As always, GSM Graphic Arts didn’t want to miss out on a charity fundraising event and the whole ...

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Aluminium VS Stainless Steel

With many conflicting ideas of metal and its characteristics it can be confusing when deciding ...

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GSM Charity Abseil

It was a cold, wet and windy day in March when five brave (or crazy, depending on how you look at ...

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Polyester VS Polycarbonate

When designing your product there always tends to be so many questions to ask yourself. Should this ...

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NEW Rugged Barcode Range

Rugged barcodes are not new to us, we have years of experience and can offer plenty of advice which ...

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Graphic Overlays

Graphic Overlays and Control Panels serve many different market sectors from Electrical and ...

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Asset Management

With Christmas and New Year over it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. What better way ...

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Southern Manufacturing 2015

GSM Graphic Arts will be exhibiting at the 2015 Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition, ...

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What you say about us..

Following a recent customer satisfaction survey sent out as part of our summer newsletter we have ...

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Calendar Coaster 2015

It’s that time of year again! Full of festivities, fun and the launch of GSM's new 2015 ...

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Rocking Around GSM´s Christmas Tree!

GSM has been getting into the Christmas spirit early by preparing our Christmas decorations and our ...

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Did you meet us in Manchester?

The Northern Manufacturing & Electronics show is a regional exhibition held at Event City in ...

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GSM Customer Survey

As a valued customer of GSM Graphic Arts your feedback is important to us. Be one of the first 100 ...

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Outdoor labels that last!

In order to be confident that the label specifications we offer meet with our customers ...

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Military Protractors

GSM marks its 40th anniversary this year manufacturing and supplying military protractors and map ...

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Northern Manufacturing 2014

Come and meet us on Stand No A83 to see samples of our comprehensive range of label, nameplate and ...

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The GSM Journey So Far...

From humble beginnings above a shop in Guisborough, GSM Graphic Arts celebrates 40 successful years ...

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A tried and tested method

Like many methods that GSM Graphic Arts uses, silk screen printing is one that originated many ...

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Quality Matters

For 40 years, GSM Graphics Arts has been listening to your feedback in order to constantly improve ...

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GSM Apprenticeship Success

GSM Graphic Arts continues to develop the skills of their ever inspiring employees as part of it’s ...

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Barcode Labels

GSM Graphic Arts celebrates 40 years as the label, nameplate and fascia specialist this year. ...

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A New Exhibiting Experience !

The Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show is a long established trade show and one which GSM ...

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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Having already achieved zero landfill as part of our programme of improved environmental ...

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Southern Manufacturing 2014

The 2014 Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition will be held on 12th & 13th February at ...

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GSM's 40th Anniversary

2014 sees GSM Graphic Arts enter our 40th year of manufacturing labels, nameplates and control ...

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Rugged Barcode Range

GSM now offers a comprehensive range of Rugged Barcode label processes to suit a wide range of ...

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2014 Calendar Coasters

This year GSM held a competition within the company to design a new Calendar Coaster and the entry ...

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Military Map Protractors

GSM was recently shown a sample of an acrylic Military Protractor from a company that, following an ...

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anodised aluminium coasters

Have you considered anodised aluminium calendar coasters for your 2014 marketing campaign? ...

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Vendor Managed Inventory

GSM was approached by an existing customer requesting that we work with them in setting up a Vendor ...

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A Rugged Barcode Solution

GSM Graphic Arts was recently approached by one of the UK's largest retailers. They required ...

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CE Marking labels

Our CE Marking Labels are suitable for a number of applications where the CE logo has to be ...

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Embossed aluminium badges

GSM Graphic Arts offers embossed aluminium badges as a high quality 3-dimensional label option for ...

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Acrylic Scales

Whether your requirement is for acrylic protractors, optical scales, slide rules, dial calculators, ...

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Fibre Laser marking

GSM is pleased to announce the addition of the very latest Fibre Laser Marking & Engraving ...

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Graphic Overlay Specialist!

Fascias? Graphic Overlays? Control Panels? However you refer to them, they are a vital piece of ...

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Digitally printed labels

We offer digitally printed labels, nameplates & fascias on plastic and aluminium using our digital ...

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Did you see us?...

GSM?s Sales Team have just returned from a busy week at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics ...

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In-house label & laser marking

It's that time of the year again when we are getting ready to exhibit at the Southern ...

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Inaugural GSM Health and Safety Award

This award is presented under the "GSM Safety For All Initiative" to the person who has made the ...

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24 times around the world!!

Twenty years service with any company is certainly worthy of celebration in these uncertain ...

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Southern Manufacturing 2013

GSM Graphic Arts will be on stand U73 at this years Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition ...

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NVQ success at GSM Graphic Arts

Six team members at GSM Graphic Arts Ltd, the Label, Nameplate and Fascia Specialist, successfully ...

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2013 aluminium coasters

GSM's 2013 anodised aluminium Calendar Coaster is produced using our unique print-into-metal ...

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GSM Participates in the UL Authorised Label Supplier Program

As part of GSM's continual focus on our customer's requirements, our Graphic Arts facility ...

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GSM launches new Brochure

Our new Product Brochure shows GSM's comprehensive range of label, nameplate and fascia ...

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The 'Cube in a Cube'

GSM Graphic Arts was recently approached by a bespoke furniture maker, Fred Baier, to assist with a ...

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High Temperature Rugged Barcodes

High temperature applications are no longer a problem as GSM has developed high temperature rugged ...

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Outstanding Supplier Award winner

GSM Graphic Arts has won an Outstanding Supplier Award for Delivery Performance from Caterpillar UK ...

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New material finishes offered

GSM Graphic Arts, The Label, Nameplate and Fascia Specialist can now provide you with Brushed ...

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Southern Manufacturing 2012 produces a high level of leads

Having just returned from the Southern Manufacturing Show we are now following up the high number ...

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GSM Graphic Arts Calendar Coaster

We can supply you with calendar coasters which have been manufactured using our unique Primodise ...

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